CBMI successfully ignite Lafarge Martres-Tolosane MK3 project

CBMI successfully ignite Lafarge Martres-Tolosane MK3 project
20 January 2022

On 17 January 2022, the clinker production line of Sinoma CBMI Construction's MK3 project at Lafarge Martres-Tolosane, France, was successfully ignited. 

The main management personnel of the Lafarge Cement plant and the owner's project department, as well as the MK3 project management personnel of Sinoma Construction gathered to celebrate the arrival of this moment. The successful ignition of the project is a sincere reward to all the project staff for their hard work over the past two years. It signals that the clinker production line has entered the hot adjustment stage. 

The MK3 project adopts the AFR (alternative fuels and raw materials) system, which greatly reduces the consumption of traditional energy, saves fuel costs, and solves the problem of liquid and solid waste disposal in daily life. In this cement clinker production line, green and environmental protection technologies are widely used, and alternative fuels account for up to 85 per cent of the total fuel, reducing carbon emissions by 240kg/t of clinker, or by 28 per cent, and reducing net carbon dioxide emissions by 163,000tpa.

The ignition and production of the MK3 project is a milestone on the road to applying alternative fuels to achieve energy saving, carbon reduction and green production.

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