Cemex and Cemex ventures invest in clean hydrogen startup

Cemex and Cemex ventures invest in clean hydrogen startup
03 February 2022

Cemex and Cemex Ventures have announced their investment in HiiROC, a clean hydrogen production start-up. HiiROC developed a technology that uses thermal plasma electrolysis to convert biomethane, flare gas, or natural gas into hydrogen at a lower cost than competing solutions and without a CO2 footprint. 

Together with HiiROC, Cemex aims to increase its hydrogen injection capacity across its cement operations while reducing the consumption of fossil fuels. 

HiiROC, a UK-based company founded in 2019, has developed a novel process that efficiently produces high purity hydrogen and clean carbon black at superior temperatures and pressure. As part of this investment, Cemex and HiiROC aim to increase Cemex's hydrogen injection capacity in its cement kilns, allowing for a higher alternative fuel substitution rate of fossil fuels.  

"HiiROC's solution is sustainable, scalable, cost-effective, and has strong growth potential inside the hydrogen ecosystem. This investment is yet another important step in our transition from fossil to alternative fuels and towards achieving our Net Zero goal for 2050. Cemex is the clear industry leader in the use of hydrogen, and this partnership allows us to further expand our hydrogen knowledge in the ultimate quest to replace fossil fuels with hydrogen in our plants," said Gonzalo Galindo, head of Cemex Ventures.

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