ASEC repairs bearings in kiln tyre supports at UAE plant

ASEC repairs bearings in kiln tyre supports at UAE plant
05 April 2022

A cement plant in the UAE faced a major incident in February 2022 that caused severe damage in the journal bearings and roller supports in the middle tyre of the kiln.

At very short notice, Arab Swiss Engineering Company (ASEC) addressed the damage. A team of experts from ASEC started the job immediately with the following objectives:

• investigations leading to the development of the root cause of the failure
• supervision of replacing and repairing all damaged parts
• investigations of any further consequences of the failure that might not be apparent.

Upon restarting after repair and despite using original spares, a high temperature was noticed in the same bearing. ASEC team has intervened with further quick adjustments and restored the consistent sustainable production and satisfaction of clinker needs. ASEC was agile to handle that short notice request; taking initiative and responsibility to cover such a critical situation within the minimum possible duration.

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