Adbri announces new net zero targets

Adbri announces new net zero targets
03 May 2022

Adbri Ltd has released its Net Zero Emissions Roadmap for 2050, outlining three new medium-term 2030 emissions reduction targets for cement, lime and electricity. The roadmap builds upon the company’s 32 per cent reduction in operational greenhouse gas emissions since 2010.   

The first new target focuses on cement. Adbri’s cement emissions intensity in FY20 was 557kg CO2/t cement. The new medium-term target aims to reduce this to 446kg CO2/t cement, representing a potential 47 per cent reduction from FY12 to FY30 and a 20 per cent reduction by FY30 versus the FY20 baseline.   

The second new target looks at lime. Adbri’s lime intensity in FY20 was 1100kg CO2/t lime, which the company aims to reduce by 10 per cent by FY30 to 990kg CO2/t lime. According to the company, the emissions intensity of its lime manufacturing over the last decade has remained flat, highlighting the limited commercial abatement options available.   

The final new target concerns electricity, for which Adbri has set an ambitious new medium-term aim of achieving 100 per cent zero emissions supply by 2030, through the use of renewable generation and emerging technologies.   

“Whilst the medium-term targets include intensity targets for cement and lime, the intention of our long-term 2050 goal is based on an absolute reduction in emissions across our full value chain – Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions,” said the company in a press release. “Adbri products have a key role to play as Australia transitions to a low carbon future. We believe that success in implementing our NZE roadmap can deliver value to shareholders and customers, help us maintain the trust of our shareholders, retain and attract employees whilst securing access to capital, resources and markets long into the future,” added Nick Miller, Adbri managing director and CEO. 

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