Spanish cement consumption grows by 9% in April

Spanish cement consumption grows by 9% in April
17 May 2022

Spanish cement consumption grew by 8.8 per cent in April to 1,346,704t, according Oficemen (Spanish Cement Association). This figure represents the recovery of 108,632t compared to the same month last year.

The evolution of last month has allowed the recovery of 1.4 points in the accumulated growth of the first quarter, compared to March. This indicator now stands at 4.8 per cent, which represents, in absolute values, a consumption of 4,787,803t, approximately 220,000t more than in the same period of 2021.

The moving year data, which allows us to evaluate the trend in the medium term, reflects an accumulated growth of 6.5 per cent (May 21-Apr 22), which raises to 15,170,025t the number of cement consumed in our country in the last 12-months, 900,000t more than in the previous period. However, a sharp slowdown in growth can be seen, which has lost almost 10 percentage points since the start of the war in February, when the accumulated consumption of the moving year still grew at a rate of 16 per cent.

"The last few months have been marked by the rise in energy costs derived from the invasion of Ukraine, something that, inevitably, has transferred a strong uncertainty to the industry as a whole and to the economic fabric in general, “explains the president of Oficemen, Jose Manuel Cascajero.

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