ACC Ltd releases ACC Gold Water Shield

ACC Ltd releases ACC Gold Water Shield
08 June 2022

ACC Ltd (Holcim Group) has developed ACC Gold Water Shield, which is the country’s first specially-formulated cement with high-quality water-repelling properties.

The product ensures that structures made with it are durable and protected from dampness or seepage. ACC Gold Water Shield is specially formulated cement with high-quality water-repellent properties. With water repellence engineered at a particle level, it reduces the capillary action thus shielding homes from dampness and seepage.

Aimed primarily at homebuilders, ACC Gold Water Shield cement contains special silane-based additives that are uniformly mixed in precise quantities at its technologically superior plant facilities. The cement is produced from a minutely-controlled process that gives it the desired water repellent properties, reports News Patrolling.

The cement’s commercial viability and suitability for Indian climatic conditions make it an ideal choice for use in family homes, claims ACC Ltd. It shields houses and its inhabitants from dampness and leakage, and has a lower carbon footprint compared to ordinary Portland cement (OPC). This translates into longer-lasting, durable structures with no ingress.

Sridhar Balakrishnan, MD and CEO of ACC Ltd, said: “Recognising this need, ACC Gold Water Shield has been developed to meet the needs of customers to prevent water seepage through various elements of the house, while also contributing to a sustainable future.”

The cement assists in building long-lasting homes and a greener future as its clinker factor is 30 per cent lesser compared to OPC cement. That’s because this cement is made from 30-50 per cent recycled content from other material industries.

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