Ambuja Cements embraces digitalisation

Ambuja Cements embraces digitalisation
16 June 2022

Ambuja Cements Ltd (Holcim group) has renewed its focus on digitalisation. This will remain a key area for Ambuja Cements as it reshapes the way the company operates from running the plants to managing logistics and supply chains and ensuring customer connect.

To this end, the company has invested in its ‘Plants of Tomorrow’ initiative, which aims to make manufacturing more efficient through better plant optimisation, higher plant availability and a safer working environment. Under the initiative, the company will enhance operational efficiency significantly in comparison to conventional cement plants.

Moreover, the company's Transport Analytics Center is helping the company enhance logistics efficiency through route optimisation, cost optimisation and increased road safety. This centre is being used to detect deviations on the ground and it has now become the single source of data for the entire supply chain.

The entire quality control and process optimisation at Marwar Cement Works is guided by a state-of-the-art robotic lab, which has a huge number of auto sampling points. Collected samples are transported to lab for analysis with absolute accuracy guaranteed without any human intervention. Automated sampling has eliminated hazards associated with physical sampling besides creating a dust-free environment in labs and sample rooms. Such technology not only saves time, but also improves the efficiency.

Neeraj Akhoury, CEO India Holcim and MD/CEO of Ambuja Cements Ltd, said, "We at Ambuja Cements aim to digitalise the entire operations of the company. Our key strategy is to strengthen the 'green' plant across our units and manage our operations with improved efficiency. We visualise a plant with efficient technology, automation and digitisation." Ambuja Cements continues ramping up the use of digital technologies to optimise operations and ensure maximum efficacy. The cement maker has also adopted a digital first and consumer-centric approach towards improving business outreach.

Ambuja Cements is in the process of being acquired by the Adani Group.

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