Titan Group donates to fire prevention programme

Titan Group donates to fire prevention programme
04 July 2022

Titan Group and the Pavlou and Alexandra Kanellopoulou Foundation (PAKF) are donating EUR1m towards the prevention and response to forest fires, the reconstruction programme of northern Evia, the elaboration of climate risk studies and the implementation of an education and awareness programmes for fire prevention.

The contribution to the Reconstruction Programme of Northern Evia includes the allocation of two special vehicles of firefighting and civil protection for the region of central Macedonia, as well as the elaboration and implementation of an educational programme for informing and raising public awareness on fire prevention.

At the same time, Titan will dispose of 50 silo vehicles, which have been converted into water tanks with a capacity of 30m2 each, for the supply of firefighting vehicles in the regions of Attica (specifically western Attica), central and western Greece, central Macedonia and Crete.

Three open water tanks with a capacity of 40m2 each are being supplied to facilitate the rapid supply of firefighting helicopters (these tanks are placed in the company's quarry facilities in the regions of western Greece, central Macedonia and central Greece).

Meanwhile, climate risk assessment studies in neighbuoring areas of the factories Drepanou, Efkarpia, Kamari, in collaboration with EKPA and the National Observatory of Athens are being carried out to use the valuable knowledge to properly prepare everyone and avoid similar phenomena in the future.

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