CRH subsidiary adopts graphene technology additives

CRH subsidiary adopts graphene technology additives
11 July 2022

Beton Catalan SA (CRH group), has implemented graphene technology in its high performance concretes to reduce CO2 after an agreement with Graphenano Smart Materials.

The application of a graphene-based additive improves both mechanical performance and durability as well as giving "clear environmental advantages by reducing the concrete's carbon footprint," explained Beton Catalan Quality Director, Alberto Arenillas. 

The company has already incorporated these technologically advanced concretes into its production plants that include SmartADDITIVES technology in its BeGreen line that covers its most sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Concretes in the BeGreen brand produce a lower climate impact, contribute to the circular economy and give a more optimal management of natural resources. The aim of Beton Catalan and CRH is to offer society a carbon-neutral concrete in 2050 in line with global climate targets. 

Arenillas insists that "as manufacturers and designers of concrete, we must develop concretes minimising the carbon footprint with tools such as optimising the mix, using materials efficiently and recognising the carbon absorption potential of concrete to capture CO2 in buildings permanently. Concrete can also be reused and it is 100 per cent recyclable at the end of its service life."

The Director of Graphenano Smart Materials, Juan Ángel Ruiz, stated that the demand for concrete with graphene additives is "on the rise" due to the sector's commitment "to total decarbonisation”. "These are concretes that, as well as being more sustainable, maintain the level of performance and are more durable," he concluded. 

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