INSEE Cement starts production of Portland composite cement

INSEE Cement starts production of Portland composite cement
13 July 2022

INSEE Cement (Lanka) Ltd has extended production of its Portland composite cement (PCC) to its Ruhunu cement plant, increasing production of the new SLS 1697 product to meet the growing demand of the local market.

Engineered with INSEE’s trademarked SmartAct Technology, PCC's unique composition of multiple minerals addition undergoes a triple reaction consisting of hydration, pozzolanic and nucleation that increases strength build-up at each level of maturity. The triple reaction also ensures optimum particle distribution and high packing density, resulting in lower permeability and durability of concrete suitable for all severe exposure conditions across Sri Lanka, especially coastal regions.

PCC is the result of years of research and is a superior blended cement to address the high carbon footprint of OPC cements, while also producing compressive strength equal to or beyond that of OPC at all ages.

"INSEE Cement introduced Portland Composite Cement for the first time to the local market last year as part of a two-pronged approach; to create value for our customers by augmenting the sustainability performance in their constructions, and also to steer Sri Lanka’s construction industry towards ambitious, globally benchmarked sustainable goals," stated Dr Moussa Baalbaki, head of the company's Products and Solutions portfolio.

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