UltraTech Cement decreases CO2 intensity by 9% in FY2021-2022

UltraTech Cement decreases CO2 intensity by 9% in FY2021-2022
27 July 2022

UltraTech Cement (Aditya Birla group) has released its 2021-22 Sustainability Report. The company claims that in FY2021-2022 it decreased its CO2 intensity by 9.1 per cent at 551.86kg CO2/t of cementitious materials produced. This resulted in achieving 15.1 per cent of Scope 1 intensity target against the target of 27 per cent reduction target by 2032 from the 2017 baseline. Greenhouse gas emissions totalled 195kg CO2/m3 for concrete production.

UltraTech Cement now has a renewable energy capacity of 269MW and 436MW of combined waste heat recovery systems (WHRS) and renewable energy.

It processed 23.6Mt of recycled materials and 124,070t of municipal solid waste in FY2021-2022. Total alternative fuel usage reached 536,776t in the period. There was a 78 per cent increase in biomass compared to the previous year.

Meanwhile, 73Mm3 of water was harvested, recharged, recycled and reused by the company’s manufacturing locations in FY21-22. The company was five times water positive in the last financial year and aims to be five times positive in 2024.

Electrical consumption fell by 17.6 per cent in the period is helping to reach the long-term target 34 per cent electricity reduction using renewable energy and WHRS, says the company.

Capacity utilisation of stalled cement capacity reached 77 per cent. Clinker factor was reduced to 72.1 per cent, while 19.12 per cent of recycled material was used in total raw material use.

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