Sustainability at Loesche 2021 report released

Sustainability at Loesche 2021 report released
10 August 2022

Loesche  has published its first sustainability report in July 2022. The report refers to the calendar year 2021. It informs about the company's own strategies in the areas of environment, social and corporate governance (ESG) as well as about Loesche 's innovative products and services that help the customers to achieve their sustainability goals, cement, mining and waste products are covered.

"Loesche  has always focused on improving process efficiency and reducing consumption in all our industrial plants. Our products are the result of innovative research and development. Today, more than ever, we need to align this innovative focus with the sustainable transformation of our industries," said Rüdiger Zerbe, MD of Loesche.

In the future, Loesche  will continuously measure relevant ESG criteria and extend the developed sustainability strategies to all global Group members. To ensure the required transparency, annual sustainability reports will be published. 

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