Project to target CO2 emissions from refractories

Project to target CO2 emissions from refractories
30 August 2022

A research project, funded by the European Union, could help lower CO2 emissions in the refractory industry by up to 800,000tpa. The initiative is known as the ReSoURCE project and involves eight research partners, led by RHI Magnesita.

“On average, 60 per cent of all spent refractories, generated by refractory-consuming industries, go to landfill, while only 30 per cent is recycled. With the ReSoURCE project, we aim to increase it up to 75 per cent. This means we can achieve significant savings of CO2 emissions per annum. With this research project, we have the chance to make a difference in the world,” explains Stefan Borgas, CEO, RHI Magnesita.

The project is currently working on preparing samples of used fire-resistant material from steel and cement production. The prepared samples will be shipped to Germany and Norway, where specialists at the Innolas Laser GmbH and the Norsk Elektro Optik AS will conduct the first experiments. 

The total budget for the project is EUR8.5m and is expected to span over 42 months until November 2025. The research partners come from Austria, England, Germany, Ireland and Norway and include LSA GmbH, Fraunhofer institute, SINTEF, Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Innolas Laser GmbH, NEO, CPI and Crowdhelix.


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