ECOCEM launches Superfine

ECOCEM launches Superfine
31 August 2022

Ecocem has launched Superfine, a low-carbon, super high-grade ground granulated blastfurnace slag (GGBS) for specialist applications onto the European market.

Ecocem Superfine is a finer GGBS designed to be used as a specialist additive in binders, industrial mortars, UHPC and precast concrete. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, the use of Superfine can improve rheology, strength and durability of the concrete.

Developed by grinding granulated blastfurnace slag (GBS) to a very fine particle size, Superfine can be added to products to significantly improve their strengths in applications such as high performance and ultra-high-performance concrete. Furthermore, it can be used to improve the finish of concrete and reduce the amount of pigment required.

Superfine is the latest global innovation coming out of Ecocem’s R&D team following the opening of its world-class innovation centre in October last year. The Superfine GGBS contains no chemical additions of chromium and has a low pH, making it a safe and effective additive for building material formulations. 

Superfine will be launched across Europe, with the product already being trialled extensively in Abu Dhabi and specified in projects across Ireland. The greater sustainability of the additive is driven by reduced material use, local production, and short transport routes as well as its circular and fully recyclable profile.

Susan McGarry, managing director of Ecocem Ireland, comments: “After extensive time in R&D, launching Superfine onto the Irish market is testament to our global range of innovative and sustainable concrete solutions.”

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