FLSmidth to lead new consortium targeting CO2 emissions

FLSmidth to lead new consortium targeting CO2 emissions
09 September 2022

FLSmidth has announced that it will lead a new consortium to mature and deploy carbonation technologies in the cement industry. According to the company, the consortium will be funded by the EU Commission and feature world-class specialists alongside FLSmidth research and development engineers and experts from leading universities, technology providers and research institutions. 

With the aim of further eliminating CO2 emissions from the production of cement, the consortium, which is named CO2Valorize, will also support eight fully funded PhD students conducting research into the characterisation and kinetics of carbonated materials and optimisation of the carbonation process. They will also explore the commercial opportunities for mineral carbonation with a focus on calcium-, aluminium-, and magnesium-silicates as well as cement derivatives, slag, fly ash, recycled concrete fines and mine tailings. 

According to FLSmidth, the expected commercial and technical outcomes include a full flowsheet of the carbonation process line, techno-economic analysis of various technology and materials options, and the optimisation of FLSmidth’s proprietary reactors. 

“We have been granted a unique opportunity to revolutionise the cement industry at a time of extreme urgency,” says Burcin Temel McKenna, head of green cement solutions development at FLSmidth. “No stone is left unturned as the industry transitions into more environmentally friendly practices, which includes alternative raw materials such as clay, electrification and carbon capture and utilisation.”

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