Norway's EA approves full-scale CCUS plant at Brevik

Norway's EA approves full-scale CCUS plant at Brevik
29 September 2022

Norwegian environmental agency, Miljødirektoratet, has approved Norcem’s plan for a full-scale CO2 capture plant at the company’s Brevik plant. The environment agency has amended the pollution permit for Norcem Brevik in Porsgrunn municipality, based on an application and consultation process.

The new permit enables the Heidelberg Materials-owned company to reduce its CO2 emissions by 400,000t, or approximately 50 per cent, according to the agency’s Director, Ellen Hambro.

In addition, the management of CO2 is also expected to reduce chlorine and sulphur dioxide by up to 80 per cent as well as result in lower dust, fluorine and ammonia emissions. The discharge to sea is also expected to contain smaller amounts of mercury and dioxins, to the extent that they will not cause measurable changes in the Eidanger fjord

The Brevik CCUS plant will be the first full-size carbon capture facility at a cement plant in the world and the first major CC facility in Norway. It is part of the Langskip project for CCUS from industries in Norway.

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