Titan America digitises Pennsuco and Roanoke plants

Titan America digitises Pennsuco and Roanoke plants
14 October 2022

Titan America has announced the successful implementation of digitalisation applications based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning at its two cement plants, resulting in enhanced equipment throughput and reliability, reduced energy consumption, and improved product consistency and quality.

Titan America has deployed autonomous AI real-time optimisation algorithms that dynamically process vast amounts of data from plant sensors and continuously adjust variables, bringing the equipment to optimum operational performance. With each iteration, the AI algorithms rapidly maximise throughput and decrease energy consumption in all the main assets of the plants.

Further elevating the reliability of its cement plant operations, Titan has implemented plant-wide failure prediction systems that continuously receive and analyse signals from thousands of sensors to detect process and equipment operation abnormalities significantly earlier than could be otherwise detectable. The alerts generated are reviewed and evaluated by dedicated teams in remote service centres, staffed by deep domain experts. Titan’s monitoring experts analyse each event to determine potential root causes, identify corresponding corrective actions, and collaborate with plant operators to troubleshoot issues at the earliest stages, allowing intervention well before breakdowns occur. 

Finally, AI- based predictive quality applications, supported by sophisticated quality control equipment, are being implemented to predict cement performance at the time of production, enabling plant operators to improve the grinding process, lower clinker consumption, and ensure consistent product quality and performance resulting in less carbon footprint.

Bill Zarkalis, president & CEO: “I’m incredibly proud to mark the end-to-end digital transformation of our cement plants. A systematic process of test and learn that started several years ago has reached an important milestone. Titan America is today at the forefront within our Industry.”

Titan America is next moving to boost the overall customer experience through the deployment of similar digital and predictive application solutions to optimise its logistics and distribution systems. These enhancements will result in a more resilient, efficient, and predictable supply chain with improved bottom-line results, claims the company.

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