PCA's Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality - one year on

PCA's Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality - one year on
17 October 2022

It is one year since the Portland Cement Association (PCA) released its Roadmap to carbon neutrality. America’s cement manufacturers have committed to the goal of reaching carbon neutrality throughout the cement-concrete-construction value chain by 2050. 

Currently, based on US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) carbon emissions data, the manufacture of cement accounts for 1.25 per cent of US CO2 emissions – with demand projected to increase, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to set a global example on building sustainably, utilising new approaches, and advocating for updated technology. 

The Roadmap involves the entire value chain, starting at the cement plant and extending through the entire life cycle of the built environment to incorporate the circular economy. This approach to carbon neutrality leverages relationships at each step of the value chain, demonstrating to the world that this industry can address climate change with ambition and audacity.  

The five links in the value chain include: the production of clinker, the manufacture and shipment of cement, the production of concrete, the construction of the built environment, and the capture of carbon dioxide using concrete as a carbon sink.

The cement and concrete industry cannot do this alone. Collaboration with industry and private partners will be imperative to realise the multitude of solutions that the Roadmap outlines. Now the PCA member companies are embarking on a journey to carbon neutrality as a full industry and inviting others across the value chain to join this effort. Government agencies, non-governmental organisations, and academic institutions all have a role and the industry looks forward to collaborating on this mission to achieve carbon neutrality across the value chain. 

Reaching carbon neutrality will require significant advances in technology, policy, infrastructure and markets. With full support in these areas, the industry can reach carbon neutrality sooner, claims the PCA.

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