East African Portland Cement launches Green Triangle Cement

East African Portland Cement launches Green Triangle Cement
02 November 2022

East African Portland Cement Plc (EAP) has launched a new product named Green Triangle Cement that is aimed at minimising the cement manufacturer’s carbon emissions. 

Green Triangle Cement has already received the go ahead from the Kenya Bureau of Standards under the strength standardisation category of 22.5 even though the company has boosted its strength to over 27 to enable its application in a wider variety of construction projects.

The new product aims at providing an alternative for the cement maker’s customers, therefore, achieving market centrism as well as helping achieve a better planet by less clinker utilisation and power consumption during its production.

“Our customers have for a long time been asking us to introduce an alternative product in the market. This together with wide consultations and research advised the introduction of Green Triangle Cement which is more environmentally friendly and will go at a lower cost than Blue Triangle Cement,” said the firm’s Managing Director, Eng Oliver Kirubai.

In July this year, EAP refurbished its kiln at a cost of KES0.5bn (US$4.11m) after 26 years thus enabling its return to market with new more affordable Green cement. This has helped drive the average retail prices of cement down by 13 per cent in the last two months running.

The Green Triangle Cement product, which is already in trade, will be applicable in the preparation of mortar for brick and block laying as well as rendering, plastering and repair works. The product launch also comes at a time when the cement maker is implementing its new five-year strategic plan whose pillars include market centrism and achieving a better planet.

Oliver Kirubai added that EAP would over time introduce other brands to ensure that it has a portfolio of at least five brands in the market to give its customers freedom to choose what cement to purchase for different applications.

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