Ecocem welcomes Irish Climate Plan 2023

Ecocem welcomes Irish Climate Plan 2023
19 January 2023

Ecocem has welcomed the Government of Ireland’s mandate that public bodies must specify low carbon construction methods and low carbon cement materials for procured and supported construction projects from 2023. The mandate forms part of the government’s recently-released Climate Action Plan 2023 (CAP23). 

According to Ecocem, to successfully reduce the emissions of the cement industry within the 2030 timeframe and in a commercially viable manner, the amount of clinker produced per tonne of cement needs to be addressed. By reducing the average clinker factor to just 50 per cent, the cement sector can deliver almost a third of the total emission reduction required for the whole industrial sector, while also maintaining the forecast growth in cement production. 

While no definition has been given to the term “low carbon cement” in CAP23, Ecocem hopes that limiting emissions per tonne of cement on a sliding scale out to 2030 will help achieve the target and drive innovation in the industry. “Green public procurement requirements for the construction industry will ensure sustainability delivery of our national development plan and housing needs for the future and position Ireland as a leader in sustainable construction methods and materials,” commented Susan McGarry, managing director, Ecocem Ireland. 

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