Geminor HUB supplying Aalborg Cement has record year

Geminor HUB supplying Aalborg Cement has record year
09 March 2023

Geminor's waste treatment HUB in Aalborg, Denmark, processed 99,538t of waste in 2022. Last year, the waste treated in the Aalborg HUB went to 10 different off-takers, the biggest being the Aalborg Portland cement factory which receives tailor-made SRF as secondary fuel.

The Aalborg HUB was actually closed down in 2019 due to low activity but was soon after moved to a bigger location and reopened when Geminor’s partnership with Aalborg Portland was extended. Since then, Gemini has been investing in the development of the HUB, turning it into an efficient processing facility for both SRF and RDF, says Geminor's Country Manager in Denmark, Kasper Thomsen.

“At present, our Danish facilities receive waste fractions from countries such as the UK, Germany, Poland, and Norway, and process these for off-takers both domestically and abroad. The waste contents differ from country to country, but we have expanded the capacity at both Aalborg and our HUB in Køge so that we can receive, treat and store the waste fractions continuously,” says Mr Thomsen. “We will continue to serve the upstream market, but will also be looking to develop our plastic sorting and bioRDF production moving onward.”

The total waste tonnage handled by Geminor in 2022 was a record-breaking 1.82Mt. After Aalborg (99,538t) and Køge (79,196t), the biggest Swedish HUB at Oxelösund followed with a total of 74 807t of treated waste in 2022. Norway’s most active HUB is at Borg, with just over 61,000t last year. The Finnish HUB at Loviisa is Finland’s largest processing over 40,000t in 2022. 

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