Buzzi Unicem defends itself against defamatory campaign

Buzzi Unicem defends itself against defamatory campaign
13 March 2023

Buzzi Unicem has refuted allegations against its reputation with a company statement issued on 10 March 2023. “We are aware of a defamatory campaign against Buzzi Unicem which has been launched since the beginning of February, aiming to undermine the company’s reputation. The dissemination of the contents has been taking place through posts on social networks and/or direct messages,” said the company statement.

The defamatory comments claim that Buzzi Unicem SpA, a company domiciled in Italy, is somehow involved in activities carried out by the subsidiary SLK Cement, a company domiciled in Russia, which would support the war of aggression against Ukraine. Buzzi Unicem rejects these claims. 

“Buzzi Unicem already clarified in its press release dated 12 May 2022 the decision to cease with immediate effect any operational involvement in the activities carried out by the subsidiary SLK Cement in Russia and to suspend all strategic initiatives and investments in the country. This means no involvement of our management in the decision-making process related to local initiatives and commercial actions,” explained the statement.

“SLK Cement is a Russian-domiciled entity operating exclusively in that country and therefore subject to domestic legislation. Payment of taxes and having employees being mobilised to the army are not discretionary decisions, rather legal obligations within the Russian jurisdiction. These implications are independent of ownership and are in no way affected by the affiliation to an international group.”

Buzzi Unicem also made clear its support of its operations in the Ukraine and its ongoing humanitarian support in the country. “Contrary to the allegations, Buzzi Unicem is present in Ukraine since 2001 and is one of the leading manufacturers of cement and ready-mix concrete of the country. Despite significant financial losses incurred as a consequence of the Russian invasion, Buzzi Unicem did not stop operations in Ukraine, keeps supplying products to Ukrainian customers, paying taxes in Ukraine and providing job and humanitarian aid to its nearly 1000 employees and families in the country,” added Buzzi Unicem.

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