Lucky Cement builds schools and vocational centres

Lucky Cement builds schools and vocational centres
15 March 2023

Lucky Cement Ltd has announced the successful completion of its project to build a school in collaboration with The Citizen Foundation in Pezu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Abdul Razzak Tabba Block Lucky Cement Ltd Pezu Campus-I will provide primary education, while the Muhammad Yunus Tabba Block Pezu Campus-II will provide secondary education. The admissions for the first batch of 2023 are underway. This project aligns with the UNSDG "Quality Education" and emhasises the importance of education for all.

In addition to these educational initiatives, Lucky Cement Ltd has successfully inducted the third batch of students for a vocational training program in collaboration with NLC (ATINs) for permanent residents of  Lakki Marwat district. This initiative aims to provide skill-based training to the region's youth, enabling them to secure employment opportunities in the future. The previous two batches, trained with the collaboration of Hunar Foundation, have already completed their training and have been employed in the factory in their respective fields, which is a source of pride not only for candidates and their families but also for Lucky Cement Ltd.

Lucky Cement Ltd also provides intermediate scholarships to students from Lakki Marwat district to support their academic pursuits. Furthermore, under its commitment to support education in Lakki Marwat continuing over a decade, Lucky Cement is extending its support by offering higher education scholarships to university students from Lakki Marwat in the top business and engineering universities of Pakistan.

“We are confident that all these activities in the area of education and skill development will have a positive impact on the lives of the residents of Lakki Marwat district,” added the spokesperson. “This additional project in collaboration with The Citizen Foundation is a significant step towards providing quality primary and secondary education to the children of the district and will play a major role in enhancing the education standard in the rural area of Lakki Marwat district.”

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