Mannok Cement cuts CO2 with CATAGEN and biohydrogen technology

Mannok Cement cuts CO2 with CATAGEN and biohydrogen technology
17 April 2023

CATAGEN, a net zero innovation company, and Mannok, a cement and construction products manufacturer, conducted a six-month feasibility study to explore the decarbonisation of Mannok’s cement operations using CATAGEN’s future suite of ClimaHtech technologies. 

Through the introduction of and oxygen from CATAGEN’s HGEN (renewable hydrogen generator) aided waste heat recovery, Mannok’s carbon emissions were reduced by seven per cent at its cement plant in Co Cavan, Ireland. 

The study also revealed biohydrogen can further reduce cement production carbon intensity by 18 per cent by displacing fossil fuels. Both renewable hydrogen and biohydrogen technologies offer potential CO2 savings equivalent to taking nearly 50,000 cars off the road.

CATAGEN’s biohydrogen technology uses a source of waste biomass which is readily available both in the UK and Ireland and does not displace the growing of crops for food.

Kevin Lunney, operations director at Mannok, said: "Achieving Net Zero is now the primary goal for our business and I expect CATAGEN will play a significant role in our achieving that goal, which we expect will have major benefits for the sector overall."

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