Climeworks to build presence in US DAC market

Climeworks to build presence in US DAC market
19 April 2023

Climeworks, a global leader in carbon dioxide removal (CDR) via direct air capture (DAC) technology, has confirmed its intent to engage in several large-scale DAC projects in the USA over the next few years, with the potential to create thousands of direct US jobs in the process.

“Political momentum is essential for creating a carbon removal industry at the pace needed to reach global climate goals. The US is now at the forefront of this, with legislation such as the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,” said Christoph Beuttler, chief climate policy officer at Climeworks. “The effects have become visible: DAC companies, energy providers and storage experts can now work together to form regional DAC Hubs, ready to bring direct air capture to the next level.” 

To accelerate deployment in the US, Climeworks has applied to participate in three hubs as part of the US Department of Energy's (DOE) "Regional Direct Air Capture Hubs" programme with proposed locations in Louisiana, California, and the Northern Great Plains, each with a pathway towards megaton capacity by 2030. The company will lend its expertise and technology alongside some of America’s leading CO2 storage and energy infrastructure organisations and fellow DAC companies to bring large-scale commercial DAC deployments to life in the country.

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