Viking CCS project targets UK cement emissions

Viking CCS project targets UK cement emissions
20 April 2023

Harbour Energy and BP have entered into an agreement to develop the Viking carbon capture transportation and storage project near the heavily industrialised Humber region in the UK. According to BP, the Viking CCS project has the potential to meet one third of the UK government’s target to capture and store up to 30Mta of CO2 by 2030 from the local steelmaking, refining, chemicals and cement industries.

The two companies already share an interest in the Lincolnshire Offshore Gas Gathering System (LOGGS) pipeline, which is intended to be repurposed as part of the Viking project. This provides a unique, low-cost opportunity to connect customers to the depleted Viking gas fields, which recently had their 300Mt of CO2 storage capacity independently verified.

Viking CCS also has access to a planned new CO2 shipping terminal at Associated British Ports’ Port of Immingham, with the potential for shipped CO2 from dispersed emitters elsewhere in the UK and internationally to be transported for permanent storage within the Viking fields.

The final investment decision is expected in 2024 with the project potentially operational as early as 2027 and storing up to 10Mta of CO2 by 2030.

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