Fletcher Building secures pond ash supply

Fletcher Building secures pond ash supply
10 May 2023

Fletcher Building has teamed up with Genesis to use ash from Huntly Power Station as an alternative raw material in cement.

This includes up to 20,000t of pond ash, also known as bottom ash, which is produced each year after coal is used to generate power. The pond ash is extracted from existing settling ponds and used in the manufacturing process at Golden Bay Cement as a raw material, assisting the performance of the cement with its technical composition.

“Fletcher Building firmly believes we can play a significant part in a carbon zero and circular future through sustainable innovation. This latest innovation where we use an ash by-product is another example of us continuing to take positive action to improve the world around us,” says Nick Traber, Fletcher Building’s Chief Executive, Concrete.

The circular solution for the pond ash is in addition to the annual 15,000t of Fly Ash from Huntly Power Station that Golden Bay is already diverting from landfill and supplying customers, helping them to lower the carbon of the concrete they produce. It also adds to Golden Bay’s decision to access end of life tyres and wood waste as alternative fuels in its cement production process, resulting in the launch last year of EcoSure Cement, New Zealand’s low-carbon general-purpose cement.

Finding circular solutions with companies like Golden Bay is a vital part of Genesis’ focus on sustainability. “Here at Golden Bay, we are driven to decarbonise and achieve 30 per cent less carbon by 2030,” says Gian Raffainer, General Manager at Golden Bay.

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