ACC launches Bagcrete

ACC launches Bagcrete
19 May 2023

ACC Ltd has launched Bagcrete, a pre-blended and high-quality concrete for all types of construction jobs. According to the company, Bagcrete was created to offer the best compressive strength (10-80MPa) and exceptional workability retention as a result of the pre-blended components being “meticulously measured to ensure uniform quality.”

In contrast to traditional concrete, which requires the mixing of various components on-site, Bagcrete is a pre-blended mixture of cement, sand and aggregates, making it ideal for building projects that need a quick and effective application method. 

There are two variants of Bagcrete: Dry-Mix and Wet-Mix. Dry-Mix is pre-blended concrete that can be used right away with just the addition of water. Wet-Mix is pre-mixed, immediately usable concrete that does not require any additional mixing before use. This can be especially helpful in places with scarce water supplies or where conventional concrete mixing techniques are impractical.

Ajay Kapur, CEO of ACC's cement business, said, “We are dedicated to pursuing product innovations and offering the finest products and services to our customers. We have always strived to create products of the highest calibre in order to meet the varied needs of our customers and assist them in constructing robust structures. ACC Bagcrete is a unique product that not only meets but also exceeds the demands of our customers.”

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