SABIA commitments to achieve net zero CO₂ emissions

SABIA commitments to achieve net zero CO₂ emissions
19 May 2023

Hal Grodzins, chairman and CEO of SABIA, has announced that the company will expand its approach to the mining and minerals market by increasing its commitment and company resources towards working with the top mining companies throughout the world to achieve the mutual goal of net zero direct and indirect carbon emissions by 2050.  

One of the most direct ways to lower CO₂ emissions is through efficient process control by reducing the variability of the raw materials from carbon-based fuels, and more efficient control and visibility of the ore throughout the mining process.  “From cement manufacturing to minerals beneficiation, online PGNAA analysers permit plant operators to determine the chemical composition of raw materials and fuel mix in real time, making it possible to make rapid changes to optimise material handling, blending, and reagent additives to increase throughput to control their process more efficiently,” says Sabia Inc.

“Optimum control is therefore key for a smooth and energy efficient plant process which in addition to reducing operational costs, has a direct impact on reducing CO₂ emissions.”

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