Cement Australia extends use of battery electric vehicles

Cement Australia extends use of battery electric vehicles
31 May 2023

Cement Australia has been granted funding to lease 24 batteries and convert six diesel prime movers in its Melbourne fleet to electric drivetrain. Backed by the Commercial Sector Innovation Fund, Cement Australia will also install swap-out charging infrastructure with a minimum of three charging units, according to Prime Mover Magazine.

The company will complete a trial/demonstration stage for 12 months, which will include the testing and observation of performance of battery electric vehicle (BEV) prime movers in 24-hour operation, including maintenance and repair requirements, training of personnel, and reliability and wear and tear of charging infrastructure. Upon completion, the cement producer will carry out a post-trial assessment of outcomes.

December 2022 saw Cement Australia deliver its first load in New South Wales using a BEV-converted Kenworth T410 Glider.

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