Bruks Siwertell to provide new clinker conveyors at Capitol Aggregates

Bruks Siwertell to provide new clinker conveyors at Capitol Aggregates
01 June 2023

Bruks Siwertell has secured a conveyor system order from Borton LC, a USA construction firm. The three new belt-type conveyor systems will deliver reliable, high-capacity material transfers of clinker. They will be an integral part of a plant modification at Capitol Aggregates’ cement manufacturing facility in Texas.  

“This new order continues our recent run of cement industry contracts,” notes Derek Tatum, business development manager of conveyor technology at Bruks Siwertell. “We have a worldwide reputation for handling both cement and clinker and are currently helping a number of operators meet a rise in demand.” 

The three new conveyor systems (C-810, C-940 and C-975) will modify the site’s existing material transport system and the addition of a new storage silos. They all have a standard width of 91cm (36in). The C-810 conveyor will be 148m (486ft) in length and will transfer clinker to a bucket elevator at a rated capacity of 150tph. The 84m-long (275ft) C-940 conveyor will have a rated capacity of 200tph and will transfer clinker to the silo reclaim, while the final C-975 conveyor will be 40m-long (131ft) and connect to an existing conveyor. It will also have a rated capacity of 200tph. 

“Clinker is very abrasive, and our conveying technology is specially designed to be robust enough to not only withstand this, but also tolerate the high temperatures that it will be conveyed at,” adds Tatum. “We have a wide range of different conveying technologies, and this well-proven traditional idler-belt system will deliver reliable, high-capacity performance in these demanding environments. They are also very cost-competitive, enabling us to meet Borton’s budget.”

The conveyors are being manufactured in Mexico and will be delivered to the operator later this year. 

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