CEMEX collaborates on university project in Mexico

CEMEX collaborates on university project in Mexico
06 June 2023

CEMEX is collaborating with Tecnológico de Monterrey, one of Latin America’s most prestigious private universities, on distritotec, a 15-year project that seeks to evolve the university’s campus into a more innovative, sustainable and inclusive space. CEMEX has already been involved in several phases of this Mexico-based project, which began in 2014, including providing lower-carbon building materials from its Vertua range of sustainable products and specialty mixes of architectural concrete and design and construction consulting services.

"At CEMEX, we are dedicated to creating a brighter, more sustainable, and connected future for all,” said Ricardo Naya, president of CEMEX Mexico. “Collaborating with Tec de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey, in transforming distritotec into a world-class smart urbanization development is an honor. Our products and services contribute to the area's growth, paving the way for future generations of innovators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers."

The latest project in the development is the construction of Expedition Building, a seven-storey flagship structure designed to stimulate economic development by integrating an innovation, research and entrepreneurship ecosystem for creative and scientific endeavours, according to CEMEX. Expedition Building is expected to be inaugurated in mid-2024.

"Collaboration with CEMEX has been fantastic,” said José Luis Graue, regional director of development and infrastructure at Tecnológico de Monterrey. “Their technical team gave us a series of mixes for pavement colors and textures which allowed us to make beautiful walkways and esplanades. The attributes of this concrete are low maintenance and contribute significantly to the project's aesthetics.”

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