Architects claim first commercial use of LC3 in the UK

Architects claim first commercial use of LC3 in the UK
16 June 2023

UK architects Cairn’s latest construction project in the UK is laying calcined clay (LC3) in what is believed to be the first time it has been commercially used in the country. The undisclosed project used Cementir’s Futurecem® product instead of ordinary Portland cement.

Currently, there are no specific regulations or standards for limestone calcined clay cement in the UK. However, LC3 can be used in construction projects in the UK if it meets the relevant British and European standards for cement, concrete, and mortar.

Cairns’ Founding Director, Kieran Hawkins, said: “The only real negative was the lead-time as we were ordering from Europe. As it becomes more widely available this should stop being an issue.

"This was a one-off arrangement with a supplier in Europe. It [Futurecem®] is not yet available as a standard product in the UK, but we hope it will be soon. This project should help this process by acting as an example of its suitability. The costs were slightly more than standard cement, because of the importation. But when it is available directly within the UK there should be very little cost difference."

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