Cemex and WtEnergy awarded EUR4.4m grant

Cemex and WtEnergy awarded EUR4.4m grant
28 June 2023

The European Union has awarded Cemex and WtEnergy a EUR4.4m grant for the implementation of a novel waste-to-fuel technology utilising synthetic gas at its Alicante cement plant in Spain. The project has been catalogued as “the first of its kind” for the cement industry by the European Union.

The Clyngas project has the potential to reduce over 400,000t of CO2 equivalent emissions over a decade at the Alicante plant. The committee responsible for awarding the grant lauded the project for its “strong innovation component, reliability, and the improvement it represents in the use of gasification technology,” said Fernando A González, CEO of Cemex.

The Clyngas technology was developed by WtEnergy and substitutes fossil fuels with synthetic gas derived from waste and byproducts from other industries, substantially reducing the carbon footprint of cement operations. WtEnergy is a company in the portfolio of Cemex Ventures, Cemex’s venture capital and open innovation unit.

Mr González said: “Our products and solutions help build the structures that humanity needs to thrive, and technologies like this one ensure that we enable cleaner, lower-carbon and more circular construction.”

This project is part of Cemex’s Future in Action programme, which seeks to achieve sustainable excellence through climate action, circularity, and natural resource management with the primary objective of becoming a net-zero CO2 company. 

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