Rohrdorfer Zement and Bayernets plan CO2 network

Rohrdorfer Zement and Bayernets plan CO2 network
04 July 2023

Germany-based Rohrdorfer Group has been working on a feasibility study with transmission system operator Bayernets, who wants to build a pipeline to connect CO2 sources with industrial sites for material use and possible storage sites in the region.

According to the project’s concept, an island network between the cement plant in Rohrdorf and the Bavarian chemical triangle of Burghausen, where there is a demand of CO2, is initially planned. Later the industrial and chemical region of Linz will also be connected to the grid. The intermediate storage to balance supply and demand could be constructed underground or in above-ground tank farms. In a further expansion, Bayernets plans to extend the network across the entire Bavarian region, while a connection to international routes or permanent geological storage facilities is also possible.

"The Rohrdorf decarbonisation roadmap envisages the recovery of large quantities of CO2," explained Rohrdorfer Managing Director, Mike Edelmann. Via the Bayernets pipeline, these quantities are to be collected, temporarily stored and later used as raw material in other production processes.

Cement plants are expected to become climate neutral by 2045 in Germany. In Bavaria the deadline is set at 2040.

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