World's first near-zero-carbon, 3D-printed homes

World's first near-zero-carbon, 3D-printed homes
04 July 2023

Eco Material Technologies, North America’s leading provider of sustainable cement alternatives, and building company HIVE 3D have announced the world’s first near-zero-carbon, 3D-printed homes in Round Top, Texas, USA. The homes have been constructed using an eco-friendly, near-zero carbon cement mixture called PozzoCEM Vite®, which offers 92 per cent lower emissions than traditional concrete and can set in just a few minutes.

The homes range in size from 400-900ft2 and are sustainable in terms of cost, durability, construction emissions, long term heating and cooling. PozzoCEM Vite® is one of the next generation of Green Cement products, according to Eco Material Technologies, and replaces 100 per cent of Portland cement in concrete. 

Hive 3D has previously printed a 3150ft2 home using Eco Material’s near-zero-carbon cement called PozzoSlag®, at lower replacement levels. PozzoSlag replaces 50 per cent of the Portland cement in concrete and has been used in roads and bridges in Texas for over a decade. 

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