CEMEX signs waste agreement in Dominican Republic

CEMEX signs waste agreement in Dominican Republic
10 August 2023

CEMEX’s circular waste management business, Regenera, and DP World, a global leader in supply chain solutions, have signed an agreement for circular waste management solutions in the Dominican Republic. Under the agreement, Regenera will convert used tyres from DP World Dominicana’s logistics operations into a substitute for fossil fuels, thereby avoiding landfilling and the associated methane emissions.

After exhausting all avenues for waste circularity (reduction, reuse, and recycling), CEMEX’s waste-to-energy practices offer a solution to those looking to minimise their environmental footprint, says the company. When disposed of in landfills, tyres can release chemicals, including methane, into the air, ground, and water that alter the ecosystem. DP World Dominicana is committed to mitigating this impact and finding more circular and sustainable management practices.

Waste tyres are a valuable part of CEMEX’s alternative fuels strategy because of their high biomass content of approximately 27 per cent. Biomass waste does not contribute to global warming, as the CO₂ released is equivalent to the amount absorbed from the atmosphere during its lifecycle.

“This agreement aligns with our global sustainability strategy, ‘Our World, Our Future’ through the priority area of Climate Change and Decarbonisation,” said Morten Johansen, CEO of DP World Dominicana. "DP World’s global decarbonisation strategy aims to establish an overall plan that covers all areas, to achieve a 28 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, carbon neutrality by 2040 and to become a net zero emissions operation by 2050."

“Regenera’s services are a key enabler of the circular economy,” adds Juan Carlos Herrera, Cemex global head of Urbanisation Solutions. “The global supply chain generates waste, some of which is not always recyclable. Our solutions help ensure that this waste is managed in the most sustainable manner possible.”

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