C-Capture visited by UK Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

C-Capture visited by UK Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
12 September 2023

C-Capture, UK developers of innovative, next generation carbon capture technology, welcomed a visit from the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer to their headquarters in Leeds on 8 September. Rachel Reeves MP visited the cleantech company to explore the pivotal role C-Capture’s solvent-based technology can play in mitigating climate change.  

C-Capture’s proprietary solvent-based technology captures carbon dioxide from emissions. Based on fundamentally different chemistry to other currently available carbon capture approaches, C-Capture’s solution is amine free and environmentally benign. Extremely robust, it is suitable for use in industries that are difficult to decarbonise. It also claims to use less energy than current commercially-available solutions and is lower cost.   

"The advantages of C-Capture’s solution mean it has the potential to break through the barriers that are currently preventing the widespread adoption of carbon capture technology – and help reach net zero," said C-Capture.

C-Capture is a participant in Heidelberg Materials' subsidiary, Hanson UK's Ketton carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) trial in Rutland which aims to come on-stream in 2030.

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