Breedon commits to being an Armed Forces-friendly employer

Breedon commits to being an Armed Forces-friendly employer
14 September 2023

UK-based Breedon has signed the Armed Forces Covenant as part of its focus on becoming a truly inclusive organisation. Since signing the covenant, the cement producer has been awarded the bronze award in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme, demonstrating the success of its commitment to being an Armed Forces-friendly employer.

Recognising the value that service leavers can bring to a business like Breedon, the group has put new policies in place to encourage former members of the armed forces to join the company. With colleagues across the business already serving as active members of the Armed Forces Reserves, Breedon is also introducing a new support programme to ensure such colleagues are able to give their full commitment to these roles. This will include an extra two-weeks paid leave, on top of the existing holiday allowance, so colleagues can attend annual training camps.

Colleagues are also encouraged to attend military recruitment activities on a regular basis, to share their experiences and promote life at Breedon while serving in the Reserves.

“Supporting former members of our armed forces as they leave active duty is vital to ensuring their smooth transition into civilian life, and we are committed to playing our role across the business to provide employment opportunities,” said Caroline Roberts, group people director at Breedon.

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