TITAN expands investment in Rondo Energy

TITAN expands investment in Rondo Energy
14 September 2023

TITAN has expanded its existing investment in Rondo Energy, a US-based pioneer in zero-carbon industrial heat solutions. In collaboration with other global leaders, TITAN's contribution has empowered Rondo Energy to secure an impressive US$60m in funding. This infusion of capital is primed to speed up the rollout of Rondo Heat Batteries worldwide and transform the global energy storage market. 

In addition to its financial support, TITAN has solidified its involvement by joining Rondo's Strategic Investor Advisory Board (SIAB).
This move is in the framework of TITAN’s newly established Venture Capital Initiative that aims to foster innovation in the  construction ecosystem. It aligns with the group’s objectives of integrating innovative products, services, and materials into TITAN’s operations and solutions offering to drive growth and competitiveness while also accelerating its sustainability and digitalisation goals.

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