CEMEX leads the way in environmental impact information

CEMEX leads the way in environmental impact information
21 September 2023

CEMEX is the first company in its industry to provide environmental impact information, including CO2 emissions, for its core products in all of the main markets in which it participates around the world. This disclosure is customised by location and is critical for architects, engineers, contractors, and customers looking to develop more sustainable construction. 

Depending on the market’s customary practices, this is addressed either through Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), or CEMEX’s proprietary environmental measurement tool called CERO2. Both processes have a third-party validation. 

“We are committed to being the leading partner in sustainable construction for our customers,” said Fernando A González, CEO of CEMEX. “With this disclosure, our customers have environmental impact information on which they can rely for sustainable construction. We continue to expand our portfolio of sustainable products, allowing our clients to effectively design and manage the carbon footprint of their construction projects.” 

The CERO2 carbon footprint measurement tool is the result of years of development efforts by CEMEX and harnesses the company’s industry-leading digital capabilities. The tool calculates the detailed environmental impact to provide accurate information on a product’s footprint in a particular location. The tool provides a much higher degree of accuracy than the average emission data available in other carbon calculator tools available in the market today, according to the company. 

In addition, products under CEMEX’s Vertua brand provide a sustainable fact label, the first in the industry, which details the product’s performance across a range of sustainable attributes. Vertua has a specialised portfolio of more sustainable, high-quality construction products that aim to contribute to sustainable construction. 

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