Oman and UAE sign agreement on limestone exports

Oman and UAE sign agreement on limestone exports
18 October 2023

Oman and the Etihad Rail Co(OERC) have signed an agreement with Emirates Steel Arkan to facilitate the export of raw limestone from Oman to the UAE. According to Gulf News Reporter, OERC will provide logistics solutions for the transportation of 4-6Mta of limestone, which Emirates Steel Arkan plans to import from Oman to its cement factories in Al Ain, UAE.

“Our collaboration with OERC enhances our supply chain capabilities by leveraging the railway network that connects both countries,” explains Saeed Khalfan Al Ghafri, CEO of Emirates Steel Arkan. “This agreement paves the way for integrated logistics solutions for transporting raw materials to and from our cement plant in Al Ain, boosting operational efficiencies and cost-effectiveness and reducing environmental impact.”

Ahmed Al Musawa Al Hashemi, CEO of OERC, added, “This agreement represents the vision for this project, which was launched to link Oman and the UAE and aims to enhance cross-border trade between the two countries, linking centres of manufacturing and production and connecting import and export points. This will create promising and sustainable business opportunities for the mining industry and construction materials production sector in Oman and the UAE.”

Emirates Steel Arkan runs a 5Mta cement, 4Mta clinker factory at Al Ain.

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