NEXE dd selects Rockwell Automation as a digitalisation partner

NEXE dd selects Rockwell Automation as a digitalisation partner
19 October 2023

Rockwell Automation is introducing changes in its production processes through digitalisation that will offer Croatian cement producer NEXE dd additional value on its path towards further reductions in its carbon footprint.  

In combination with using alternative raw materials and fuels, the company is achieving these goals by leveraging the FactoryTalk® Analytics™ Pavilion8® model predictive control (MPC) solution, in combination with performance-management dashboards based on the ThingWorx IIoT, part of the FactoryTalk® InnovatonSuite, powered by PTC.

The NEXE Group is well-known within building materials sector in Croatia and the region, specialising in cement, concrete, aggregates, concrete elements, roof tiles and bricks. 

Danijel Koren, plant manager at NEXE dd, said: “This is a push forward on this important journey for the whole Group. We are looking to link all systems together and put operational data in the hands of people who can make a difference. Early results point to real success in terms of savings and efficiency; indeed, we are predicting a payback period of less than a year.”

Pierre Teszner, regional vice president for central and eastern Europe at Rockwell Automation, added: “The beginning of any digital journey is exciting, and we’re delighted to be helping NEXE achieve its potential. This model, comprising broad data capture, analysis, and real-time intervention resulting in tangible savings has proven so successful in other applications around the globe, and we are looking forward to seeing what NEXE will achieve.”

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