Rohrdorfer trials flat film recycled packaging material

Rohrdorfer trials flat film recycled packaging material
17 January 2024

After saving 3500kg of plastic in the packaging of concrete screed last year, SAKRET Trockenbeton Munich is now tackling the issue of pallet packaging at Rohrdorfer, Germany. 

A new type of flat film, which consists of 50 per cent recycled material, is now being used as a pallet trailer. This means that 2.2tpa of plastic can be saved when packing pallets. Rhordorfer is using a Lachenmeier PowerFlex T1 stretch hood machine for packaging.

An expansion tube for pallet packaging is also being tested, which consists of 30 per cent recycled material. If the test phase is successful, SAKRET Trockenbeton Munich expects a total saving of 5.8t of plastic in 2024.

In 2023, after lengthy modernisation work, a new area of the production facility was put into operation. This makes it possible to return around 500tpa of production residues to the production cycle. Since these residual materials no longer have to be disposed of, the site can conserve primary raw materials and produce a lot more sustainably, claims SAKRET Trockenbeton Munich. 

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