Monarch Cement embarks on groundbreaking solar project

Monarch Cement embarks on groundbreaking solar project
06 February 2024

US-based Monarch Cement Co and Evergy Energy Solutions are collaborating on a groundbreaking solar project that is expected to serve as a model for the cement industry’s use of renewable energy. With the capacity to generate 20MW of clean electricity, the project is designed to offset a significant portion of Monarch’s energy consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The solar project, which will be located on Monarch’s property in Humboldt, Kansas, will pair state-of-the-art solar panels with cutting-edge energy management technology. 

“The Board of Directors and Management of The Monarch Cement Company are extremely excited about this win-win venture where we are making a giant movement toward achieving our 2050 carbon neutrality goals, being socially responsible, and providing a more than significant return on investment to our shareholders,” said Kent Webber, president of The Monarch Cement Company. “Evergy Energy Solutions has done an incredible job of leading and providing solutions at every obstacle. We couldn’t be happier with Evergy Energy Solutions performance, professionalism, and command of the subject.”

“This collaboration signifies our shared commitment to fostering a sustainable energy landscape,” added Travis Young of Evergy Energy Solutions. “By leveraging our expertise in renewable energy development, we are excited to contribute to Monarch’s sustainability journey and drive positive environmental impact.”

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