MPI successfully completes NAS Cement installation

MPI successfully completes NAS Cement installation
12 March 2024

MPI recently completed two pivotal installations of Fives Pillard’s products at Najmat Al-Samawa (NAS) Cement, India, showcasing their efficiency and commitment to safety. These projects, spanning from 11-19 January 2024, involved intricate modifications crucial for enhancing operational efficiency at the cement plant. 

The first installation focussed on an electrical simplex heater, essential for maintaining optimal temperatures in critical processes. The process began with thorough preparations, including site inspections and assessments of equipment condition. Rigorous safety checks, including the use of natural gas detectors provided by NAS safety team, ensured a hazard-free environment for the team's welding work. From cutting old pipes to fabricating new ones and completing electric wiring, each step was executed with precision. Notably, the Local Control Panel (LCP) installation underscored MPI's commitment to adhering to client specifications regarding environmental conditions. 

In the second project, MPI tackled the modification of valve trains and installation of flow control valves to increase flow rates within the factory. This task, completed within a single day, exemplified MPI's agility and expertise in addressing client needs promptly and effectively.

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