Holcim North America introduces ECOAsh beneficiated ash

Holcim North America introduces ECOAsh beneficiated ash
13 March 2024

Holcim North America has announced the introduction of ECOAsh beneficiated ash within its Lafarge Western Canada operations. According to Holcim, with plans for future expansion into the US, this strategic move not only demonstrates Holcim North America's dedication to sustainability but also positions the company as an early adopter of innovative technology aimed at decarbonising the construction industry

ECOAsh embodies a circular and innovative solution, representing a significant leap toward sustainability. It stands as a high-quality, specification-grade Type F fly ash reclaimed from landfills and transformed into a valuable resource for enhancing cement and concrete construction applications.

“The transformation of landfill materials into high-value fly ash for sustainable building presents an exciting opportunity for our customers and us to build more with less and work towards a net-zero future,” said Brad Kohl, president and CEO of Lafarge – Western Canada. “At Holcim, we are fully dedicated to meeting future market demands by harnessing and enhancing extensive fly ash reserves secured through well-established, long-term sourcing agreements with electric utilities.”

Following extensive landfill ash evaluations, Holcim North America and Geocycle North America’s new state-of-the-art processing facility in Alberta – the first of its kind within Holcim’s global operations – will use advanced beneficiation technology and proprietary techniques to produce fly ash with equivalent performance and more consistent quality compared to any freshly produced Type F fly ash commercially available. The ECOAsh then undergoes rigorous testing in the plant’s certified quality-assurance laboratories to ensure it meets or exceeds regulatory standards for cement and concrete applications.

Commissioned in February, the new ECOAsh processing facility will commence production and the supply of products to customers throughout western Canada in the first quarter of 2024.

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