CCUS project gets underway in Denmark

CCUS project gets underway in Denmark
12 March 2024

Researchers in Denmark are currently testing a new technology that aims to significantly reduce CO2 emissions from the cement industry. Forming part of the NEWCEMENT initiative, this latest project tests the implementation of a process technology that uses pure oxygen in the cement combustion process. It marks a collaboration between the Technological Institute, DTU, FLSmidth Cement and Lhoist, which owns Faxe Kalk A/S and is part of the INNO-CCUS partnership. 

Jens Christiansen at the Danish Technological Institute and project leader for the collaboration explains, “This is a new way to produce cement. We are developing oxyfuel technology, where the calcination of the raw materials, which occurs at up to 800-900 degrees, is done by combustion in pure oxygen instead of atmospheric air, which is part of the process today. This way, we can create a high concentration of pure CO2, which can be captured, deposited, or even better used – for example, to produce new additives for cement or concrete, green fuels, or basic chemicals for plastics.” 

In 2023 researchers from the Technological Institute built a laboratory pilot in Taastrup, Denmark, where the cement process can be examined in more detail. Data from the experiments at the Technological Institute are currently being transferred to project colleagues at DTU, who are developing a digital simulation model that can provide a picture of the flows in the cement process. Finally, the plan is to use the simulation model to design an efficient oxyfuel calciner with optimal operating conditions to produce a CO2-enriched flue gas stream for carbon capture. Faxe Kalk A/S is involved in the project as a potential raw material supplier and recipient of the developed technology.

The NEWCEMENT initiative is supported by the Innovation Fund with DKK7.6m (US$1.12m) as part of the INNO-CCUS partnership, which encompasses a series of projects focusing on carbon capture, use, and storage (CCUS). “Collaborating in a mission-driven partnership on CCUS between public and private actors helps support green technology development that will contribute to Denmark’s climate goals in the long term. NEWCEMENT is one of several examples of tangible efforts that are well on their way to contributing to CO2 reductions. We are proud to support the project and look forward to following the results from the collaboration towards 2025,” says Karina M Søgaard, partnership director for INNO-CCUS.

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