Siam Cement develops new low-carbon cement

Siam Cement develops new low-carbon cement
03 April 2024

Thailand-based Siam Cement Group (SCG) has developed a new low-carbon cement that has lowered emissions by 15-20 per cent. According to SCG, the new product is better or stronger than regular Portland cement and was achieved using clean energy sources and waste heat generated during production, resulting in a 38 per cent reduction in energy consumption. The producer has also adjusted the raw material proportions to further reduce carbon emissions, reports The Nation. 

“This cement was not developed just to be environmentally friendly, but to also enhance the performance of cement, meet customers’ needs in all scenarios, preserve natural resources and care for the world,” said Surachai Nimlaor, president of SCG’s cement and green solutions department.

According to Mr Nimlaor, although the new formula has lowered emissions by 15-20 per cent, the long term goal is to develop formulas than can offer up to 50 per cent lower carbon emissions. The proportion of low-carbon cement used in Thailand currently stands at 70 per cent. SCG hopes that this will soon reach 100 per cent. 

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