PozPyro exceeds expectations as a SCM

PozPyro exceeds expectations as a SCM
15 April 2024

Canada-based Progressive Planet Solutions Inc, a leading developer of CleanTech solutions, has announced the results of its seven-day compressive strength tests recently completed on PozPyro, a revolutionary new cement alternative. Designed in collaboration with Pyrogenesis Canada, PozPyro aims to provide a partial replacement alternative for Portland cement.

PozPyro, a supplementary cementitious material (SCM), was developed using plasma technology to transform quartz silica, a widely available material, into a SCM, without off gassing CO2 from the production process. After rigorous testing, which involved preparing four separate batches of cement mortar cubes, the results show that PozPyro’s strength activity index (SAI) averaged 108.75 per cent at seven days, surpassing traditional cements in early strength. The SAI is an industry standard for measuring the compressive strength of cement mortar cubes. This result means that the PozPyro material outperformed a cement only control mix by over eight per cent.

The early success of PozPyro signals a significant step forward in creating more greenhouse gas friendly building materials. As Canada moves towards shutting down coal-fired power plants by 2030, the need for alternatives to fly ash, a common SCM, becomes more pressing. PozPyro not only fills this gap but does so by tapping into one of the earth’s most abundant materials, crystalline silica, offering a promising and sustainable solution for the future of construction.

Steve Harpur, CEO of Progressive Planet, highlighted that SCMs typically tend to outperform traditional cements after 28 days of curing, making PozPyro’s early performance especially noteworthy. “Mortar cubes need to possess 75 per cent of the strength of the control cube at seven days to pass this ASTM test, so we are delighted that the average strength was 108.75 per cent,” he said. “The results of our first batch were so good that we decided to run an additional three batches to confirm these results.” 

Furthermore, PozPyro demonstrated excellent workability, with water demand rates between 99-109 per cent, ensuring it is easy to use in various concrete applications. “These results are impressive, and underscore yet again the transformative nature of plasma in producing materials, in both an economically and environmentally beneficial manner, key to heavy industry,” said Peter Pascali, CEO and rresident of PyroGenesis. 

All four batches of mortar cubes will also undergo 28-day SAI tests with the results being available after the end of April 2024.

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